At “The Ingenio” we are committed to excellence in providing quality, integrated, media-leveraged multicultural marketing communication programs.  Our track record of tying in promotional marketing efforts with vendors, publications, community organizations, and grassroots programs, always deliver measurable results for our corporate partners.

Our programs not only touch the heart of the consumer, but provide a great "return on investment" for the corporate sponsors and media partners.

Breaking into the “word of mouth cycle" of the multicultural community is essential to long-term brand health and sales performance. For this reason, “The Ingenio” has developed a capability to achieve positive editorial endorsement for our clients' products/services and "buzz" among hundreds of grassroots organizations.

Our PR team is comprised of experienced PR practitioners, journalists, copywriters, and marketers. We are able to provide all of the essential PR services such as media relations, spokesperson training, community positioning and consulting, crisis management, grassroots relations, and events management.  



At “The Ingenio”, we offer you multiple ways to control the evolution of your own website, without any previous computer or HTML knowledge.

Content management system (CMS) integration allows us to provide you with the most accessibility to your own marketing strategy.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) developers create custom HTML templates to fit your unique needs. Whether you’d like to deliver daily blogs, interact on a live online question-and-answer session with your customers or simply update a page to your satisfaction, you may do so with the CMS integration we have built specifically for your website. It’s our business to know your business and to promote it until your phone’s ringing off the hook.

Maintaining an up-to-date website can mean the difference between active online visibility and an empty graveyard page. Search engines take a variety of factors into account when making that millisecond decision of which pages warrant the first page of results. For example, does the keyword distribution within the content of the site match the keyword entered in the search bar? Do other related sites link back to yours? And when was the page last updated? CMS integration lets you regulate a steady stream of current content, ensuring you keep your top search engine spot.


Brand image is the key driver of brand equity, which refers to consumer’s general perception and feeling about a brand and has an influence on consumer behavior. For marketers, whatever their companies’ marketing strategies are, the main purpose of their marketing activities is to influence consumers’ perception and attitude toward a brand, establish the brand image in consumers’ mind, and stimulate consumers’ actual purchasing behavior of the brand, therefore increasing sales, maximizing the market share and developing brand equity.

Packaging is the primary way to connect with your consumer in the competitive world of retail. We're quite experienced on the retail battlefield. We find that successful design solutions become more clear after you've done your homework. We will study the market, your competition and define a strategy to put your product on the shelf. Our thoughtfully designed package will create perceived value, putting you ahead of the competition and simplify the consumer's decision process.


What is the Product?

Who is the Consumer?

How is it made?

Where is it made?

How many and what size?

How will it be sold?

Where will it be distributed?

How is it shipped?

What are your environmental concerns?



Translation is defined as a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language.  Transcreation, on the other hand, is closer to creative writing, the result of which a text is linguistically and culturally adapted for a specific audience. It takes marketing related material in one language and rewrites a creative and compelling text in another.  The assimilation of generations and diverse countries of origin within U.S. Hispanics has created a complex culture. There are many factors that make the Hispanic consumers unique, such as historical, contextual, cultural, demographic, and financial.

At “The Ingenio", we take pride in providing the best possible adaptation from the original English, consciously targeting the communities our clients intend to reach. Our team include professionals from many different regions of the Hispanic world, which guarantees an on-target adaptation of the original, as well as awareness of some words which may be offensive to others from some specific regions.

We offer copy adaptation to Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Polish, Hebrew, Creole, Mandarin, Russian and many other languages.